Advanced BioDesign is a young innovative company developing solutions addressed at solving issues on cell apoptosis, which is at the origin of its R&D in discovery of anticancer molecules and on detection of infectious diseases.

To do so, Advanced BioDesign has established a unique platform of technological solutions aiming at the creation and production of customized:

  • Biomolecules (with a focus on antigens and antibodies)
  • Cell-based assays
  • Kits (ELISA),

for research, diagnostic or therapeutic goals.

For needs in exploration, evaluation and synthesis, Advanced BioDesign is providing services to the bio-industry companies to allow them to study or produce their biologics, based on innovative tools and technologies allowing elaboration, modification, synthesis and purification of any proteins with a particular focus on antibodies (DiagAbD, ImGenAbD, TherAbD, …).

For these reasons, Advanced BioDesign is engaged in design, evaluation and validation of processes, particularly in Upstream Process (USP) for bioproduction goals in order to respond to its client needs.

As a Contract Research Organization, Advanced BioDesign through its engagement at delivering the best research for you, is developing its business on modular operations which leaves you the choice in continuing the project with us.

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