Conference "ALDH Metabolism in Cancer: Current perspectives and future directions"

 Dr. Mileidys Perez-Alea, CSO of Advanced BioDesign, visited the University of Palermo to give a conference about "ALDH Metabolism in Cancer: Current perspectives and future directions"

Invited by Prof. Adriana Cordova, director of the specialization school in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery and Prof. Moschella Francesco, director of BIOPLAST Lab, Dr Perez-Alea focused her lecture on the distinct metabolic strategies that associate with oncogenic changes to promote uncontrolled cell proliferation: the prominent feature of cancer cells.


Genetic changes and metabolism are two aspects that are tightly linked and can be exploited to treat cancer. Dr. Perez-Alea argues that targeting of nutritional dependencies alone, as a single approach, are unlikely to be successful due to the enhanced capacity of tumour cells to rewire their metabolism.


She pointed at a second Achilles’ heel: the exacerbated generation of ROS and toxic aldehydes that is characteristic of most tumour cells due to an aberrant metabolism.


Aldehyde dehydrogenases are at the crossroad of the three: i) detoxification mechanisms, ii) nutrient dependencies and iii) genetic modifications, providing an opportunity to target and kill cancer cells.