Advanced BioDesign since its creation in 2010 has built its development on elaborating solutions for companies in the field of immunology through contracts of research dedicated to detection, evaluation and synthesis of low molecular weight metabolites and also of macromolecules. Recently, its R&D has been focused on infectiology and cancerology through discovery of biomarkers, with the first goal to deliver its infection diagnostic kit within two years, and the second goal to enter clinical phase I / IIa for its first anticancer drug. 

In parallel, it has expanded its offers to biotechnology companies establishment of technological platforms being part of its “solutions” based on biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology in order to help researchers in the creation, production and development of their biologics: more specifically proteins (antigens) and antibodies.

Advanced BioDesign works with its clients/partners to discover and produce the best recombinant molecules (i.e.; getting the antibody with the best affinity ...) with the objectives of long-term relationships, interactive value creation through an easy-going process of joint collaboration.

To create and develop these recombinant proteins, Advanced BioDesign strives to be your partner of choice for antibody discovery and production in a wide variety of disease areas.




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Advanced BioDesign’s projects is supported by Xerys whose object is to detect, finance and accompany the heads of SME with a strong potential for growth.

The financing brought by La Financière Xerys is always associated with a strong expertise in the field of company development. This expertise manifests itself by following up the company evolution, listening attentively to the managing team and helping to define the strategic plan.