Advanced BioDesign against TNBC

THERALDIN®TNBC, a multidisciplinary research program coordinated by Advanced Biodesign,  aims to elucidate the role of ALDH in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). In this context, a DIMATE-based therapy that is currently under investigation holds promise in the treatment of this aggressive disease.

TNBC is characterized by its aggressive behaviour, distinct patterns of metastasis and lack of specific therapy approved to date. The THERALDIN®TNBC project represents an opportunity to exploits TNBC´s addictions and molecular vulnerabilities associated to ALDH to induce synthetic lethality.

“This approach represents a very promising mean of selectively killing triple-negative breast cancer cells and provide a specific intervention expected to bring a significant clinical benefit over existent chemotherapy,” said Mileidys Perez, Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced BioDesign.